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General Cemetery - OJ260027 Not quite in plain sight. A Watson mini-mystery

A small time crook goes missing and Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Watson suspects foul play, but where is the body? She enlists the help of her brother Bill in an another Watson mini-mystery.

A Stab in the Dark, software manuals and knife A Stab in the Dark

A Watson Mini-mystery

Bill Watson had arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and had no sooner sat down when he saw his sister taking off her coat at the door. He got up as she came over and gave her a kiss on both cheeks: “This is well overdue, ...

A lake, somewhere in Burma, 1945 ©Blackmouse The Swim

1945, somewhere in Burma. Peter Williams had a day’s leave and a chance to get off the base for a few hours.

The Cursed Galleon, Ye Olde Trip to Jersualem - PJ280004 Curse of the Galleon

It was a late October morning and still dark outside as the rain battered the windows and thunder rumbled overhead but Lucy was happy. She had risen early, it was her first day in charge of Nottingham's historic pub, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

A tale for Halloween.

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