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In Caravagio, A Life Scared and Profane, cover Caravaggio, A Life Sacred and Profane. Story of a Flawed Genius

In Caravagio, A Life Scared and Profane, Andrew Graham-Dixon has written a masterful new biography of Michaelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and casts new light on the mystery of his life and death.

The Ode Less Travelled, book cover Ode Less Travelled, Stephen Fry's Poetry Guide

Stephen Fry harbours a dark secret which he shares with the reader of The Ode Less Travelled. A reader who follows the course to the end may also end up as a closet poet.

How to Read Buildings, cover How to Read Buildings

>How to Read Buildings is a compact volume and an ideal companion for anyone interested in understanding the architecture around them either at home or while travelling.

The Confident Creative, cover The Confident Creative, a Drawing Course to Free Hand and Mind

Cat Bennett sets out a novel way of learning to draw. She goes further into art as personal development, self expression, release, relaxation and source of self-confidence.

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