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The Confident Speaker, cover The Confident Speaker, Guide for both Anxious and Expert Speakers

The Confident Speaker is a comprehensive and detailed guide to public speaking. It will help both novice and experienced speakers to succeed and grow.

88 The Narrow Road, cover Felix Dennis' Guide to Getting Seriously Rich, 88 The Narrow Road

Felix Dennis made himself seriously rich and he shares his thoughts on wealth and making money. It is more about the philosophy and attitude to making money rather than the detail.

4-Hour Work Week, cover 4-hour Work Week, Escape the 9-5. Get a New Life

A Guide to Living the Lifestyle of the New Rich. This book demonstrate a way of enjoying better work-life balance by spreading mini-retirements through a lifetime: it argues wealth is not the aim but the lifestyle is.

Savings growth Why Interest Rate is Lower on Savings than Loans

It is often asked why interest rates are always higher for borrowers than for savers. This article explains some of the factors used to set interest rates.

Clear debts first - HG15001 When Not to Invest, Clearing Debts First will Give Higher Returns

It is generally advised that everyone should invest, especially for retirement, but debts should be cleared first as this will be more profitable. Whilst investing for retirement or other purposes is usually advised there are times when it is not appropriate.

Savings growth How Compound Interest Gives Savers High Yields

Get rich by compounding high interest cavings from childhood. It is never too early to start investing for the future. With compound interest starting saving a few years earlier will give high yield on savings or pensions.

Start investing for retirement early Best Time to Start Retirement Investing for Financial Security

Start investing early and regularly and compounded gains will provide financial security. Most people can achieve high wealth and retire as millionaires.

Unhappy percentage emoticon Smart Money Management: Why Small Interest Rate Changes Matter

The investor needs to understand how a small difference in interest rate on long term savings makes a big difference to investment fund final performance. Savers should closely monitor the performance of their savings as a small change in interest rate or investment return can have a major effect over the long term. So for pension investment the smart investor will seek to maximise interest rate as long as she can do so without incurring excessive penalties to switch between savings accounts or funds.

Getting Unstuck, cover Recession or Redundancy, How to Get a New Life

Recession creates change and provides an opportunity, or a need, to make lifestyle changes or choose a new career. Here are reviews of guides how that should provide someinspiration or encouragement that positive change is possible.

Unhappy interest rates Why Compound Interest on Debts Causes Problems

Compound interest may help savers, and lenders, but it is the enemy of those in debt. This article shows why high interest rates often make borrowings unmanageable.

Start dates for pension investment How Pension Investment Profits are Lost by Starting Saving Late

A late start to investing for retirement will seriously reduce wealth and final pension or much more will have to be saved each month for the same income. Delaying saving for a pension will reduce the size of the final pension fund substantially. The result will be that retirement will have to be taken later or retirement plans scaled back to match the smaller pension.

Major investment currencies Pros & Cons of Penny Shares

Penny shares may look attractive as a source of big profits from small price movements but the pros and cons suggest investment potential may be limited. Penny shares are usually cheap for a reason and many had strong prices in the past but the companies profit and standing has often declined taking the stock price with it.

Credit cards - HG15001 Use Credit Cards Wisely to Avoid Debt Problems

Credit and store cards are a very easy source of credit but they are also very expensive. It is therefore not surprising their careless use cause so many debt problems.

A Mathematician Plays the Market, cover A Mathematician Plays the Market

Even a mathematician can be grabbed by the psychology of gambling and make losses on stock markets despite maths telling him that prices are unpredictable. He figured the odds and they still beat him.

Credit and sdstore cards, cash - HG15001 Manage Borrowing and Credit Cards Effectively

There are a few simple disciplines for managing borrowing so it does not get out of control and to make it serve the borrower rather than the lender. To control debt and borrowing it is more important to consider the term of loans rather than seek to minimise monthly repayments.

Hit the ground running After Redundancy: How To Cope with Unemployment

Redundancy or being laid off should not come as a complete surprise so one should have prepared and be ready to treat job hunting and family matters as a full time role.

Old Labour Exchange - FK26062 How to Prepare for Possible Redundancy or Layoff

Panic is a destructive use of energy and gets in the way of effective action at a time it will be most needed. Preparation is the secret to facing redundancy or lay-off.

Which way to your future? - GI10002 Daring to Dream, Doing

If you followed the previous article, you should have some ideas about what you want to BE in the next stage of your life. So the next question is; what do you want to DO during that phase?

The 4-Hour Work Week, cover A Guide to Living the Lifestyle of the New Rich

Tim Ferriss suggests that wealth itself is not the aim but a means of achieving a lifestyle. His book, The 4-hour Work Week, argues that a better approach to quality of life is not to wait for retirement but to spread a series of mini-retirements through life. Combined with an alternative portfolio career it will provide the lifestyle of what he calls the New Rich. For the New Rich it is about a rich lifestyle rather than simply getting rich.

Daring to dream - IF23017 Daring to Dream

Someday is here - what life do you want? Having accepted the old certainties have gone now is time to look forward and chart a new course in life. Many people spend their life waiting for the "someday" when they can do something more satisfying. For most "someday" never comes.


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