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BMW 335i SE Convertible ©M-dash/ Martin P Wilson Why is buying a car so painful?

For many people buying a car is the second most expensive purchase they will make after buying a house, for many of the rest who rent it will be the most expensive. Yet the buying process is often flawed as I have been reminded recently.

Watson mini-mystery notes Fiction, a new venture

Today sees publication of the first of a new fiction series that we are calling Watson mini-mysteries.

In memory of Private Brittle (2016) - PK060004 After Remembrance, it is not time to forget

Although the Poppy Appeal and the formal time for Remembrance has passed that does not mean that we should now simply forget the sacrifices and sadness of past, and even current, conflicts. A small annual offering each year brings that home.

Sisyphus knew he would have to start at the bottom Sisyphus knew he would have to start at the bottom

I have been dabbling with cartooning and I thought I would share the first of a series that I am developing. This is purely for my own pleasure and relaxation.  Anyway I hope you enjoy it and the occasional future scribblings!

Je Suis Charlie OA08 ©M-dash/ Martin P Wilson JeSuisCharlie

The work of its martyrs will live!

Coffee and croissant A Day in the Coffice, Restoring Effective Habits

I was going stir crazy and it was entirely self inflicted. With the poor summer I was spending too much time stuck in the house and I was finding displacement activities that were stopping me getting on with other more productive, and rewarding, activities. Worse still it was dragging down my mood, yet it was all avoidable,

Busy man graffito HE18072 Moving Forward with Life, New Beginnings

Since I wrote the article Being in the Present and because of it I have been able to make changes to my attitude to life. As a result of those insights I have changed my focus and I am no longer hankering after my old life and especially not my old career. Although I miss the income I do not want to go back; it is time for a change. Letting go of the past was a useful lesson from Choosing to Be.

The Winding Way - KF09014 Follow The Winding Way

We have launched The Winding Way – a web site for free spirited and independent travellers who wish to make the most of the journey. The Winding Way is about mindful travel and the expansion of mind and horizons. It is for those who seek to be travellers rather than tourists.

Time to simply sit and stare - IF23016 Getting Rid Of Displacement Activity

I have spent a lot of time on displacement activities. This has added to my low mood as I have not achieved things I should. But I am now running out of such tasks. I am going to have to find useful things to do or days are going to be very long!

No exit sign Unannounced Retirement?

Have I retired and no one has told me? It certainly feels as though I have taken retirement without any decision to do so. The market for my consultancy services seems to have vanished in the last year or so. So I need to make plans to allow me to move into a changed life, a life of the New Rich that can be achieved with modest means.

Rolling news and workstation My Name is Martin and I am a Rolling News Addict

At least I used to be until I realised it was not doing my health any good. It was becoming a distraction from living and enjoying my own life. It was hurting the people I love.

Small pleasures, apple blossom The Pleasure of Small Things

Take pleasure in small things, simply enjoy life today. It is very easy to worry about what might happen. But think what it really means for most of us.

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