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Extraordinary Weather Extraordinary Weather Reviewed

Richard Hamblyn is one-man populariser of weather and meteorology. He has produced a new book Extraordinary Weather which focuses on more extreme weather conditions. It adopts a similar format to his earlier books on clouds by using striking photographs with short explanations of the phenomenon.

Ancient Worlds, cover Ancient Worlds, the Search for Origins of Western Civilization

Richard Miles' book, and the BBC televisions series it supports, explores the history of western civilization from the establsihment of the first cities in what is now Iraq.

 What Caesar Did for My Salad, cover What Caesar Did for My Salad, Stories Behind Our Favourite Food

Albert Jack's book What Caesar Did for My Salad is a fascinating explanation of the curious stories behind our favourite food. This is a book for food and language lovers.

Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, cover Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, Insight Into Egyptian Culture

Dr Joyce Tyldesley provides a detailed exploration of the religious and other beliefs that both reflected and shaped the culture of ancient Egypt. In Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt Dr Tyldesley pieces together the fragmentary evidence of Egyptian religious, cultural and funerary practices to build a detailed picture of Egypt’s dynastic period.

Periodic Tales, cover Periodic Tales, the Curious Lives of the Elements

Periodic Tales is a rare book as it embraces science, culture, history in one volume and it is all brought together seamlessly by the art of good writing. Hugh Aldersey-Williams has created a book that is both a good and fascinating read as well as a useful reference.

Bad Ideas, cover Bad Ideas? Science, Technology and its Unintended Consequences

Bad Ideas? is a history of science and its unintended dangers. It argues scientists and public must work together for a shared understanding and vision.

Extraordinary Clouds, cover Extraordinary Clouds; Pictures of Dramatic Skies

Extraordinary Clouds is an appreciation and explanation of dramatic cloud formations by Richard Hamblyn who has done much to explain how clouds form and their structure.

Liberal Fascism, The Secret History of the Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning - cover Politics of Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

Goldberg seeks to demonstrate that fascism is a socialist movement and therefore a misdirected term of abuse by the left-wing of right-leaning policies and politicians.

Volcano eruption Why Ash from Volcanoes is a Problem for Aircraft

In 2010 and 2011 plumes of ash from Icelandic volcaneos caused flight cancellations across Europe. The ash is damaging and a safety issue for high flying jet aircraft. It raises the question: why if the dust is so fine is it a problem to aircraft? There are two principal reasons: it is very abrasive and it melts.

The Invention of Air, Story of Joseph Priestley - cover Invention of Air, Story of Joseph Priestley

Priestley was a man of The Enlightenment, notable scientist, minister. He founded the Unitarian church but his political ideas forced him to leave England for a new USA.

Nottingham's Council House - GH01111 Nottingham's Dramatic Domed Council House

The Council House is an icon for the City of Nottingham, often featuring in articles or on covers of Nottingham guide books. The Old Market Square, known as Slab Square locally, is another attraction.

In Search of the Multiverse, cover In Search of the Multiverse, John Gribbin

John Gribbin provides a masterful and readable explanation of thinking on multiple universes or dimensions. Exploring the multiverse is a key to current cosmological science.

Country Lore and Legends, cover Country Lore and Legend, History and Superstition

A light exploration of English myths, legends and country lore. Some are based on historical events or people; others are long-standing superstitions and country tales.

The Pleasures of English Food, cover Pleasures of English Food – History and Culture

English cuisine is criticised despite a rich heritage and culture that compares with most culinary traditions. This classic extract will inspire both cook and gourmand.

The Cloud Book, cover The Cloud Book, Weather Guide by Richard Hamblyn

Published in association with the UK Met Office this book is an accessible guide to clouds and related phenomenon; particularly when caused by moisture in the atmosphere.

Alan Turing statue, Bletchley Park © Draig/Jon Culver Biography of Alan Turing. Creator of computing

Alan Turing was one of Britain's greatest thinkers of the 20th century who defined modern computing and artificial intelligence. He has subsequently become a gay icon.

Joint Force Harrier, cover Joint Force Harrier, Air Power in Afghanistan

Joint Force Harrier is written in traditionally understated British manner which raises the sense of excitement and tension that would be lost with a more gung-ho style. After the well-regarded Sea Harrier was retired 800 Naval Air Squadron took on the Harrier GR7 and became part of Joint Force Harrier – a force combining Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm squadrons.

America, Empire of Liberty - book cover America, Empire of Liberty, History of USA

America is a nation with a particular view of democracy and freedom. This book seeks to explain how that view has been formed through its history of conflicting beliefs. America, Empire of Liberty covers the history of America from before the arrival of European colonists up the election of Barack Obama in November 2008 which was a noteworthy event in the context of this book’s analysis.

Acme Thunderer whistle Acme Thunderer - Story of The Referee's Whistle

The first whistle designed for referees, The Acme Thunderer, celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2009. It is still made and is still in worldwide use across many sports.

Martyr village of Oradour-sur-Glane - IK10029 Martyr Village of Oradour-sur-Glane

Anyone staying in the Limoges area of France or travelling on the A20 should make time to visit the Martyr Village of Oradour-sur-Glane. Martin and Alison Wilson took a few hours out of their journey back to the Channel ports to visit and share their saddening and emotional experience.

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