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Pop Goes the Weasel, cover Pop Goes the Weasel, Wonderful Stories & Origin of Nursery Rhymes

In Pop Goes the Weasel,  Albert Jack has produced a fascinating exploration of the story behind much-loved nursery rhymes. Many of the seemingly innocent songs and rhymes that we remember from our childhood often have a darker history. Albert Jack explores the origins of those popular and much loved nursery rhymes and other popular song.

I Never Knew There was a Word for it, cover I Never Knew There was a Word for it, Wonderful Words and Phrases

This fun book is a republication of Adam Jacot de Boinod's three books on unusual words, The Meaning of Tingo, Toujours Tingo and The Wonder of Whiffling.

Cambridge Pocket English-Spanish Dictionary, cover Cambridge Pocket English-Spanish Dictionary

This dictionary is aimed at Spanish speaking students of English. It is a thick (40mm) A5 sized book and is bound with a soft vinyl cover which should resist frequent use.

The Birdwatchers Pocket Guide to Britain and Europe, cover Birdwatcher's Pocket Guide to Britain and Europe

The Birdwatchers Pocket Guide to Britain and Europe is an inexpensive and genuinely pocketable field guide for birdwatchers. It provides comprehensive coverage of birds that are regularly seen in Britain and Europe.

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary, cover Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary, a Review

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary is a comprehensive guide to generally understandable pronunciation of English in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, cover Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, English as Spoken

Fluency needs an ability to use language idiomatically at the right times and understand it in conversation. This book is a guide to English idioms from around the world. Although the Cambridge Idioms Dictionary is clearly aimed at the learner of English who needs to understand everyday usage it also deserves a place on the bookshelf of native English readers.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not 2010, cover Ripley's Believe it or Not 2010, Strange Reality

Leroy Ripley was fascinated by the oddities of everyday life. He created the Ripley brand of museums, books radio and tv shows. This a book review of the 2010 Annual. This book is a logical spin-off that will entertain, often against the reader’s intention. Due to the nature of the content and presentation of Ripley’s Believe it or Not many readers will be dismissive but few will avoid engaging with it, even if initially reluctant.

Extraordinary Clouds, cover Extraordinary Clouds; Pictures of Dramatic Skies

Extraordinary Clouds is an appreciation and explanation of dramatic cloud formations by Richard Hamblyn who has done much to explain how clouds form and their structure.

The Enthusiasts’ Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car, cover How To Guide for Buying Post-war Sports Cars

Few books are truly definitive; The Enthusiasts' Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car is such a book. Peter Hingston's research has produced a much needed bible. Peter Hingston has brought together the information and guidance that the buyer of a classic British sports car needs to make an informed purchase.

Future of the business book - KE25001 End of Business and Reference Books in Print?

I am working on long-standing idea for a book on the management of information technology and computer projects. I was thinking about the form it should take and to make the decision whether to publish it myself as an e-book or to find a traditional publisher for a print version.

British Racing Green, cover British Racing Green, a Car and Driver History

British Racing Green, of whatever hue, still resonates with national pride in Britain's motor racing heritage which is chronicled here; even when other colours were worn.

Grammar for English Language Teachers, cover Grammar for English Language Teachers, Lessons

Grammar for English Language Teachers provides wide coverage of English grammar to support teachers in planning lessons and understanding the difficulties students meet. Martin Parrott takes a fresh approach and moves away from the verb phrase basis that has become the norm in the teaching of English grammar. Instead he looks at grammar both from the basis of word classes and verb phrases.

Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design, cover Racing & Sports Car Chassis Design; Build a Car

Although nearly fifty years old this book should be on the bookshelf of all sports and racing car fans. Car technology may change but basic suspension principles do not.

English Grammar in Use, book cover English Grammar in Use, Intermediate Reference

English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy may be the definitive textbook for intermediate students of English and Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Why is Q always followed by U? book cover Why is Q Always Followed by U? Irregular English

English has many quirky phrases from around the world. This book explains the meaning and origin of many of the phrases that make English language so rich and versatile.

A Mess of Iguana, a Whoop of Gorillas - book cover Mess of Iguanas. Whoop of Gorillas; Group Terms

A miscellany of animal facts with emphasis on collective names. It is a useful reference for lovers of the English language or with an interest in the natural world. Many people are fascinated by the collective terms for animals and the name of sounds that animals make.

The Adventure of English, book cover The Adventure of English, Melvyn Bragg's History

English is now a global language but how it became so is a fascinating story. There were times when it all but disappeared but miraculously survived and became stronger.

Citrus, A History, book cover Citrus, A History of the Fruits by Pierre Laszlo

Pierre Laszlo is a man of culture as well as being a scientist and it shows through in Citrus, A History which is a story, reference and an enticing literary work. Pierre Laszlo has written Citrus, A History which tells the story of man’s migration of these tasty fruits from the Far East, China in particular, to the Americas.

Writer's reference book shelves More to Reference Books than Online

Internet changes the nature of reference books. The PC and Internet has created alternatives to reference books and the changes are not slowing. Books are no longer the main source of information for most people.

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