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BMW 335i SE Convertible ©M-dash/ Martin P Wilson Why is buying a car so painful?

For many people buying a car is the second most expensive purchase they will make after buying a house, for many of the rest who rent it will be the most expensive. Yet the buying process is often flawed as I have been reminded recently.

Enjoying restored MGB Restoration of Old Cars, Too Much Expectation

Restoration will not give fifty year old technology modern reliability. A restored vehicle will still need the same level of maintenance as it would have when new.

\Catalogue of British Cars Further Gift Books for Classic Car Enthusiasts

Winter is a time for classic car fans to catch up on their reading. Here are comprehensive catalogues of British cars and histories of the very British Jaguar marque. There is a British theme to the current selection of books. They will all make great gifts for the fan of British classic cars.

Goodwood Revived, book cover More Gift Books for the Classic Car Enthusiast

Winter, particularly, provides time for the enthusiast to stay in and catch up with their reading. Christmas is an opportunity to indulge oneself, or be indulged, with a good book. The aim in choosing titles for this review was to find books that would last beyond the holidays. They need to have substantial content and also be well illustrated so that readers will return to them on a regular basis. It is suggested that these four books fit that criteria.

Citroen DS, book cover Gift Books for Classic and Race Car Enthusiasts

There are times when classic car enthusiasts cannot get into the garage and there are no shows so books will help them through such quiet times. During the winter even the most committed garagiste will face times when it is too cold to work in the garage and with no shows to attend they will spend times as armchair enthusiasts.They will need something to tide them through those long, dark evenings. Now then is to look for books on to put on one’s Christmas list or to choose titles for that close special enthusiast.

Porsche 911, max speed - GH06057 How to Enjoy Fast Sports Cars on the Road Safely

Modern sports cars out perform today's speed restricted roads so it is necessary to find other ways of having fun with a sports car that do not risk the driver's licence. Sports cars are about high-performance in all aspects of their character including precision handling accuracy and driver feedback. High speed and acceleration are only part of the picture and s with modern crowded roads one that is given too much emphasis.

Triumph TR6 The TR Register: Classic Sports Car Owners Club

The TR Register has been providing support, information and expertise to owners of the classic Triumph TR sports cars that epitomise the traditional British sports car. Founded in 1970 The TR Register has grown to be one of the foremost one-make clubs in the world. It is a club for owners of all Triumph TR sports cars models from the TR2 to the TR7 and TR8. All were low-slung two-seat roadsters except for the TR7/8 which were built as both coupes and convertibles.

Austin Healey Sprites - HK14139 Spridget: Austin-Healey Sprite & MG Midget Fun

The Austin-Healey Sprite or MG Midget is a good choice as a usable classic and would be a sensible starting point for a novice classic owner as it is easy to maintain. May 1958 saw the launch of the Austin-Healey Sprite in Monte-Carlo and the launch photograph was re-enacted by the Austin-Healey Club at the 2008 Classic Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

Ford GT40 - HK14402 How to Buy a Classic Car; Use the Owners' Club

Sound knowledge is key to successful purchase of a classic car. Know the car, price ranges or specification, and set up provisional car loan and insurance arrangements. Many checks needed when buying a classic automobile are the same as those that should be made when purchasing any used car. Due to the age of the vehicle and the cost of correcting faults the checks should probably be more diligent than for a modern car.

French Racing Blue, cover French Racing Blue, The History of Motor Racing

It is often forgotten that motor racing started in France and French teams have a long and distinguished history. Some of the original French teams are still competing. French teams have worn their national racing blue with pride for over a century and continue to do so. Indeed they carried on using national colours well after most teams had switched to the livery of their commercial sponsors.

The Enthusiasts’ Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car, cover How To Guide for Buying Post-war Sports Cars

Few books are truly definitive; The Enthusiasts' Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car is such a book. Peter Hingston's research has produced a much needed bible. Peter Hingston has brought together the information and guidance that the buyer of a classic British sports car needs to make an informed purchase.

Definitely classic, Austin 7s at Autokarna What is a Classic Car? Is there a Definition?

Except for most pre-wars cars there is not a standard definition as to what constitutes a classic car. Does it matter that there is no clear view? For very old vehicles, typically built before about 1930, there are clear definitions. Vintage (before 1905), Edwardian (1905 to 1918) and Veteran (1919 to 1930) all have formal, and widely accepted, definitions. It is similar elsewhere with Classic and Full Classic in the USA.

The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975, cover Complete Catalogue of British Cars, 1895-1974

Few books out of print for twenty years get a second chance. Fortunately Culshaw and Horrobin has; Veloce are to be commended for republishing such an important work.

An extreme approach to security? How To Protect Classic Cars Against Theft

Classic cars lack modern security devices. Their locks can be easily picked and they do not have sophisticated modern alarms and immobilisers so other protection is needed. When classic cars were newly built, car crime was less prevalent so they do not have the security of modern vehicles. This is a challenge for the classic car owner especially if they use their car every day or for touring.

Italian Racing Red, cover Italian Racing Red, History of Cars and Drivers

A comprehensive history of international Italian motor racing; the red national racing colours of corsa rosso reflects the Italian passion for cars and motorsport.

Rockers and Rollers, cover Rockers and Rollers,Brian Johnson's Cars History

Automotive autobiography by Brian Johnson, frontman for legendary rock group AC/DC told as a very personal journey through his cars and motoring history.

Austin-Healey Sprites - HK14142 How to Buy Classic Car Insurance, Get Best Quote

Specialist classic car insurance is recommended when insuring cherished vehicle as owners' needs are very different from those insuring modern automobiles.

BMW 335i convertible in France BMW 335i SE Convertible. Long term experience

First impressions of the BMW335i Convertible were of a practical, high performance car for long distance continental touring. They are confirmed by extended ownership.

An everyday usable classic? - HK14063 How To Use Classic Cars for Everyday Motoring

Classic cars, especially younger ones, can be viable everyday transport. However the driver does have to be aware of limitations and have realistic expectations.Cars benefit from frequent use particularly when it is long enough to bring everything up to temperature. Short trips cause disproportionate wear and tear on all systems from the battery to engine lubrication so using a classic car every day appears an attractive option.

BMW 335i convertible - HJ16003 BMW 335i Convertible SE Test Drive, The Modern GT?

Many would not consider a 3-series BMW a sports car but the 335i Convertible has higher performance than most two-seaters. Is this what the traditional GT has become? Under six seconds to 60mph and a top speed that would exceed 155mph if not electronically limited makes this a very sporting car. Not an out and out sports car, it is a very effective long distance GT.


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