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Mindfulness: thoughts are like autumn leaves in the breeze - MJ270019 Mindfulness, a personal journey

I experimented with meditation as a way of managing chronic low-level depression and to help manage the consequent irritability. It was valuable help, but as a Westerner I needed more than Oriental spiritualism. I got to the point with meditation of: “OK, so what do I do with it, how do I use it?” It allowed me to start functioning again, and get away from the darker thoughts.

The Confident Speaker, cover The Confident Speaker, Guide for both Anxious and Expert Speakers

The Confident Speaker is a comprehensive and detailed guide to public speaking. It will help both novice and experienced speakers to succeed and grow.

 What Caesar Did for My Salad, cover What Caesar Did for My Salad, Stories Behind Our Favourite Food

Albert Jack's book What Caesar Did for My Salad is a fascinating explanation of the curious stories behind our favourite food. This is a book for food and language lovers.

Rosetta Stone, French screen shot Rosetta Stone, Inspired by Holiday to Learn a Language?

As people come back from their foreign holidays they may feel the urge to use the winter to develop their language skills in time for next year’s vacation. Rosetta Stone is a good starting point for complete beginners or those who want to improve their existing language skills.

Coffee and croissant A Day in the Coffice, Restoring Effective Habits

I was going stir crazy and it was entirely self inflicted. With the poor summer I was spending too much time stuck in the house and I was finding displacement activities that were stopping me getting on with other more productive, and rewarding, activities. Worse still it was dragging down my mood, yet it was all avoidable,

88 The Narrow Road, cover Felix Dennis' Guide to Getting Seriously Rich, 88 The Narrow Road

Felix Dennis made himself seriously rich and he shares his thoughts on wealth and making money. It is more about the philosophy and attitude to making money rather than the detail.

Cook Yourself Thin, cover Cook Yourself Thin, Ways to Lose Weight and Enjoy Tasty Food

With its Channel 4 TV programme, Cook Yourself Thin is not just about losing weight and diets. It shows how to lose weight and still enjoy tasty and satisfying food.

Busy man graffito HE18072 Moving Forward with Life, New Beginnings

Since I wrote the article Being in the Present and because of it I have been able to make changes to my attitude to life. As a result of those insights I have changed my focus and I am no longer hankering after my old life and especially not my old career. Although I miss the income I do not want to go back; it is time for a change. Letting go of the past was a useful lesson from Choosing to Be.

Choosing to Be, cover Choosing to Be, Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master

Kat Tansey's inspiring, often amusing, story of her journey out of suicidal depression with the aid of cats is for anyone, spiritual cat lover or not.

4-Hour Work Week, cover 4-hour Work Week, Escape the 9-5. Get a New Life

A Guide to Living the Lifestyle of the New Rich. This book demonstrate a way of enjoying better work-life balance by spreading mini-retirements through a lifetime: it argues wealth is not the aim but the lifestyle is.

Savings growth Why Interest Rate is Lower on Savings than Loans

It is often asked why interest rates are always higher for borrowers than for savers. This article explains some of the factors used to set interest rates.

Clear debts first - HG15001 When Not to Invest, Clearing Debts First will Give Higher Returns

It is generally advised that everyone should invest, especially for retirement, but debts should be cleared first as this will be more profitable. Whilst investing for retirement or other purposes is usually advised there are times when it is not appropriate.

Savings growth How Compound Interest Gives Savers High Yields

Get rich by compounding high interest cavings from childhood. It is never too early to start investing for the future. With compound interest starting saving a few years earlier will give high yield on savings or pensions.

Start investing for retirement early Best Time to Start Retirement Investing for Financial Security

Start investing early and regularly and compounded gains will provide financial security. Most people can achieve high wealth and retire as millionaires.

Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone for Self Study of a New Language

Rosetta Stone is a quick and painless introduction to learning an additional language. Courses are designed to immerse students in the language so they learn naturally.

Immersion Course is Fun and Inviting Way to Learn a Foreign Language

Unhappy percentage emoticon Smart Money Management: Why Small Interest Rate Changes Matter

The investor needs to understand how a small difference in interest rate on long term savings makes a big difference to investment fund final performance. Savers should closely monitor the performance of their savings as a small change in interest rate or investment return can have a major effect over the long term. So for pension investment the smart investor will seek to maximise interest rate as long as she can do so without incurring excessive penalties to switch between savings accounts or funds.

Getting Unstuck, cover Recession or Redundancy, How to Get a New Life

Recession creates change and provides an opportunity, or a need, to make lifestyle changes or choose a new career. Here are reviews of guides how that should provide someinspiration or encouragement that positive change is possible.

Living French, book cover Living French, Full Course of Language Lessons

Book review of a traditional and comprehensive course in the French language. Aimed at beginners and those returning to study of French. It has a supporting audio CD.

Banish Clutter, cover Get Tidy, Banish Clutter Forever, Sheila Chandra

Eliminating clutter frees the mind; people then feel better about themselves. It frees time for other things as an organised home needs less cleaning and maintenance.

Unhappy interest rates Why Compound Interest on Debts Causes Problems

Compound interest may help savers, and lenders, but it is the enemy of those in debt. This article shows why high interest rates often make borrowings unmanageable.


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