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British Racing Green, cover British Racing Green, a Car and Driver History

British Racing Green, of whatever hue, still resonates with national pride in Britain's motor racing heritage which is chronicled here; even when other colours were worn.

Rockers and Rollers, cover Rockers and Rollers,Brian Johnson's Cars History

Automotive autobiography by Brian Johnson, frontman for legendary rock group AC/DC told as a very personal journey through his cars and motoring history.

Austin-Healey Sprites - HK14142 How to Buy Classic Car Insurance, Get Best Quote

Specialist classic car insurance is recommended when insuring cherished vehicle as owners' needs are very different from those insuring modern automobiles.

BMW 335i convertible in France BMW 335i SE Convertible. Long term experience

First impressions of the BMW335i Convertible were of a practical, high performance car for long distance continental touring. They are confirmed by extended ownership.

An everyday usable classic? - HK14063 How To Use Classic Cars for Everyday Motoring

Classic cars, especially younger ones, can be viable everyday transport. However the driver does have to be aware of limitations and have realistic expectations.Cars benefit from frequent use particularly when it is long enough to bring everything up to temperature. Short trips cause disproportionate wear and tear on all systems from the battery to engine lubrication so using a classic car every day appears an attractive option.

BMW 335i convertible - HJ16003 BMW 335i Convertible SE Test Drive, The Modern GT?

Many would not consider a 3-series BMW a sports car but the 335i Convertible has higher performance than most two-seaters. Is this what the traditional GT has become? Under six seconds to 60mph and a top speed that would exceed 155mph if not electronically limited makes this a very sporting car. Not an out and out sports car, it is a very effective long distance GT.

Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design, cover Racing & Sports Car Chassis Design; Build a Car

Although nearly fifty years old this book should be on the bookshelf of all sports and racing car fans. Car technology may change but basic suspension principles do not.


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