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Cambridge Pocket English-Spanish Dictionary, cover Cambridge Pocket English-Spanish Dictionary

This dictionary is aimed at Spanish speaking students of English. It is a thick (40mm) A5 sized book and is bound with a soft vinyl cover which should resist frequent use.

The Birdwatchers Pocket Guide to Britain and Europe, cover Birdwatcher's Pocket Guide to Britain and Europe

The Birdwatchers Pocket Guide to Britain and Europe is an inexpensive and genuinely pocketable field guide for birdwatchers. It provides comprehensive coverage of birds that are regularly seen in Britain and Europe.

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary, cover Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary, a Review

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary is a comprehensive guide to generally understandable pronunciation of English in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, cover Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, English as Spoken

Fluency needs an ability to use language idiomatically at the right times and understand it in conversation. This book is a guide to English idioms from around the world. Although the Cambridge Idioms Dictionary is clearly aimed at the learner of English who needs to understand everyday usage it also deserves a place on the bookshelf of native English readers.

Bad Ideas, cover Bad Ideas? Science, Technology and its Unintended Consequences

Bad Ideas? is a history of science and its unintended dangers. It argues scientists and public must work together for a shared understanding and vision.

Close to the Wind, cover Ben Ainslie, Close to the Wind. Total Competitor

Ben Ainslie explains who he is and how he became Britain's most successful Olympic yachtsman - an Olympian and athlete who stands comparison with Pinsent and Redgrave.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not 2010, cover Ripley's Believe it or Not 2010, Strange Reality

Leroy Ripley was fascinated by the oddities of everyday life. He created the Ripley brand of museums, books radio and tv shows. This a book review of the 2010 Annual. This book is a logical spin-off that will entertain, often against the reader’s intention. Due to the nature of the content and presentation of Ripley’s Believe it or Not many readers will be dismissive but few will avoid engaging with it, even if initially reluctant.

Williams, In Their Own Words, cover Williams, Cultural Insight into a F1 Racing Team

Sir Frank Williams's long career in Formula One has had many highs and lows. Maurice Hamilton charts that history with personal stories from those most closely involved.

Living French, book cover Living French, Full Course of Language Lessons

Book review of a traditional and comprehensive course in the French language. Aimed at beginners and those returning to study of French. It has a supporting audio CD.

Extraordinary Clouds, cover Extraordinary Clouds; Pictures of Dramatic Skies

Extraordinary Clouds is an appreciation and explanation of dramatic cloud formations by Richard Hamblyn who has done much to explain how clouds form and their structure.

German Racing Silver, cover German Racing Silver; Drivers, Cars and Triumphs

Racing Colours are histories of a nation's motor racing drivers, designers, manufacturers and teams. German Racing Silver is the story of the legendary "Silver Arrows".

Banish Clutter, cover Get Tidy, Banish Clutter Forever, Sheila Chandra

Eliminating clutter frees the mind; people then feel better about themselves. It frees time for other things as an organised home needs less cleaning and maintenance.

French Racing Blue, cover French Racing Blue, The History of Motor Racing

It is often forgotten that motor racing started in France and French teams have a long and distinguished history. Some of the original French teams are still competing. French teams have worn their national racing blue with pride for over a century and continue to do so. Indeed they carried on using national colours well after most teams had switched to the livery of their commercial sponsors.

The Enthusiasts’ Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car, cover How To Guide for Buying Post-war Sports Cars

Few books are truly definitive; The Enthusiasts' Guide to Buying a Classic British Sports Car is such a book. Peter Hingston's research has produced a much needed bible. Peter Hingston has brought together the information and guidance that the buyer of a classic British sports car needs to make an informed purchase.

Liberal Fascism, The Secret History of the Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning - cover Politics of Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

Goldberg seeks to demonstrate that fascism is a socialist movement and therefore a misdirected term of abuse by the left-wing of right-leaning policies and politicians.

Future of the business book - KE25001 End of Business and Reference Books in Print?

I am working on long-standing idea for a book on the management of information technology and computer projects. I was thinking about the form it should take and to make the decision whether to publish it myself as an e-book or to find a traditional publisher for a print version.

The Invention of Air, Story of Joseph Priestley - cover Invention of Air, Story of Joseph Priestley

Priestley was a man of The Enlightenment, notable scientist, minister. He founded the Unitarian church but his political ideas forced him to leave England for a new USA.

In Search of the Multiverse, cover In Search of the Multiverse, John Gribbin

John Gribbin provides a masterful and readable explanation of thinking on multiple universes or dimensions. Exploring the multiverse is a key to current cosmological science.

Senna versus Prost, cover Senna Versus Prost, F1 Grand Prix Power Struggle

Great champions are born fighters; Formula One is no exception and the rivalry, on and off the track, between Prost and Senna was one of the greatest in sporting history.

Country Lore and Legends, cover Country Lore and Legend, History and Superstition

A light exploration of English myths, legends and country lore. Some are based on historical events or people; others are long-standing superstitions and country tales.


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