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Quite Ugly One Morning, cover Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre

Christopher Brookmyre's first novel is an excellent start combining wit, humour with very dark images of murder and man's lust for power and wealth at any cost.

Corsair, book cover Corsair – Piracy, Terrorism, Political Intrigue

Combining maritime and naval history with ancient and modern politics has enabled Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul to produce a good read to while away a long journey.

Notwithstanding , book cover Notwithstanding, Nostalgic Tales of Rural Idyll

The author Louis de Bernières grew up in a Surrey village and the short stories in Notwithstanding reflect memories of rural idyllic childhood and English eccentricity.

Narrow Marsh, book cover Narrow Marsh, Historical Novel Set in Nottingham

Love and hope is challenged by social division and turmoil as the Industrial Revolution causes poverty and revolt amongst Nottingham's working classes.

Bleading Heart Square, book cover Bleeding Heart Square, a Novel by Andrew Taylor

A society wife leaves her husband and moves to seedy lodgings where coincidences draw her into the mystery of a middle-aged spinster's disappearance four years earlier.

Picture of Dorian Grey, book cover Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde's Only Novel

Debauchery, Vanity, Pleasure and Cruelty in a Life of Eternal Youth. A century old yet this book echoes today's "Me" generation with its pursuit of perpetual beauty and self fulfilment without facing realities of life or accepting ageing.

The Uncommon Reader, book review The Uncommon Reader, Majestic Alan Bennett Tale

The Uncommon Reader/em> is a gentle, wry, story in the established Bennett mould with an underlying comment on literacy and the British attitude to intellectual pursuits.


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