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Canary Child by David Field and Alan Dance Canary Child, book review

At this time of Remembrance now is a good time to review Canary Child especially as we approach the 100th anniversary of the tragic explosion at the National Shell Filling Factory at Chilwell 1  July 1918. Canary Child is a difficult book to categorise, it initially appears to be a ghost tale which ties a modern mystery story to the historical events that provide purpose to the tale. It is the interspersed with a touch of romance which means there is something for any reader, no one should feel put off by those genres that they would not normally read.

The Cursed Galleon, Ye Olde Trip to Jersualem - PJ280004 Curse of the Galleon

It was a late October morning and still dark outside as the rain battered the windows and thunder rumbled overhead but Lucy was happy. She had risen early, it was her first day in charge of Nottingham's historic pub, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

A tale for Halloween.

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