Hit the ground running

Job Searching is a Full Time Job

Manage Domestic Stress is a Key Task

Redundancy or being laid off should not come as a complete surprise so one should have prepared and be ready to treat job hunting and family matters as a full time role.

Having taken the advice to make preparations in Preparing for Redundancy or Layoff receiving the formal redundancy notice is the time to put the plan into action. It is a case of working down the check list and using the knowledge from the research done in previous weeks:

  • Register as unemployed
  • Claim all benefits: cash or discounts.
  • Get on job seekers’ registers
  • No embarrassment – job for life has gone, take any help.
  • CV or resume should already be with agencies – it should be updated now with any changes and availability. If possible the agencies should be visited in person wearing the interview suit or at least being smartly dressed. This is the time to make an impact; to show confidence and presence – stand tall.
  • Contact must be made now with anyone who was expecting to hear about availability

A full time role starts now as job seeker, budget manager and housekeeper. Days should be structured to maintain focus.

Financial Control

A tight budget should already have been implemented – if not it should be put in place immediately.

Domestic Matters

Anyone with a working partner should do the household chores and have a meal ready for them. There should no longer be male or female roles; just jobs needing doing by whoever is available.

Healthy eating is not expensive when planned – vegetables are cheaper than meat. Preparing fresh food can be quick and time is now available. It is an opportunity to learn a new skill and perhaps healthier habits.

Such steps will ease some of the inevitable relationship pressures.

Start the Job Applications

It is not worthwhile monitoring the job sites and e-mail by the minute. Two or three times a day should be sufficient, say:

  • An hour into the working day for anything overnight; but this could wait.
  • Lunchtime
  • An hour before the end of the day giving time to respond before close of business.

Cover letters need to be tailored to draw out specific experience that matches the job specification. Everything should be well presented; preferably typed or computer printed unless hand-written letters are requested. All applications should be checked against the advertisement to make sure all requirements are met – for example: length of cv or application letter, supporting documents, referees, specific information or experience required.

The aim is to make the recruiter’s job as easy as possible and not give them presentational or technical reasons to reject applications. There will be many applicants and the first sift is often a case of looking for obvious rejects to make numbers manageable for detailed consideration.

Time Management

Being busy without results is to be avoided. Focusing on doing the right things, being EFFECTIVE, and being EFFICIENT should be the objective. No daytime TV!

The freed time should be used productively for managing stress, maximising health and managing relationships and any personal development or training that is needed.

Redundancy or Lay-off as Opportunity

For many people facing lay-off or being made redundant is the trigger they need to think about what they want out of life. Whatever the desired outcome it is a good time to take stock and redefine personal objectives.

Put Stress Management Plan in Place

The stress and health management plan could include:

  • Giving family time – time is the new resource.
  • Taking regular exercise, getting out of the house every day.
  • Putting something into the community; helps the job hunter feel valued, is a positive statement to employers and strengthens social networks.
  • Doing neglected (because of “work”) jobs around the home that take time not money.
  • Rediscovering simple pleasures.

Stress depresses the immune system so health can suffer. Active stress management is therefore important to maintaining and even improving health. Exercise every day – a brisk half hour walk will help. Combined with sensible, healthy, eating it will make most feel better.

Improved self esteem will show at interview as confidence. Fit and healthy people have a glow, an aura about them. And they are more employable.

Even if there is only a possibility start preparing:

Good Luck!


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