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Boom! adopts the high-energy style of the author, Emma Wimhurst. It presents solid advice to business owners in a lively way. It may well leave them breathless but inspired.

Emma Wimhurst has created, run and sold her own businesses. She now works as a business mentor and has the lively and energetic delivery of the motivational speaker. This comes through in Boom! – the title rather gives away the style of the book. The writing style especially in the opening section is rapid-fire and non-stop which many will find inspiring. However, some would-be readers may find it irritating and the rather rah-rah style of the opening chapters may put them off. Browsing the introduction should not discourage the reader as Boom! Settles down when it gets in to the real content.

The Boom! Mindset

In Part 1 of Boom!, Emma Wimhurst explores the traits of the successful entrepreneur and the personal attitudes and commitments the business owner will need to be successful. Wimhurst then moves on to explore her success, and some of the stumbles, when she created Diva Cosmetics. She uses Diva Cosmetics as a case study to start introducing the ideas in Boom!

Good Advice Presented in a Lively Way

In Part 2, the more practically oriented content is presented in a lively and readable way. Boom! provides solid advice and steers the budding entrepreneur around some of the common pitfalls such as failing to manage cash. It focuses on the core disciplines that any business owner should control.

The advice is built around seven core disciplines with which all business owners should be familiar and embed into their business operations. The first four are what Wimhurst describes as “hard” skills:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Management
  • Practical Finance

She then moves on to the “soft” skills area for the final three disciplines of:

  • Team building
  • Customer Commitment
  • Personal Development

Emma Wimhurst explains why the entrepreneur and business owners need to master these disciplines to be successful.

Boom! Business Toolbox – Principles of Planning

Having established the importance of planning the final part of Boom! guides the reader through the key aspects of business planning. It has much sensible advice about the usability and use of plans. It provides a sound framework for practical business plans and how they should be used to manage the business. However, it is light on the specifics and the new business owner may need to find more detail guidance elsewhere for creating the content of a business plan. There are books such as The New Business Road Test that will guide the reader through the drier specifics of a planning. The reader should bear in mind the advice in Boom! to keep the plan focused on being a usable and practical management tool.

Glossy and Well-produced Book

With Boom! Diva Publishing has taken the opportunity of using high quality materials and printing. It is colourful and printed on high-quality heavy paper. It should therefore stand up to a large amount of wear and tear as Boom! is a book that the entrepreneur will come back to for fresh inspiration or to seek guidance when the going gets difficult. It should inspire and encourage the new entrepreneur and existing business owner.

Boom!, 7 Disciplines to Control, Grow and Add Impact to Your Business (2010, ISBN: 978-0-9563356-0-9) by Emma Wimhurst is published by Diva Publishing at £14.99.


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