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The Confident Speaker is a comprehensive and detailed guide to public speaking. It will help both novice and experienced speakers to succeed and grow.

The authors, Harrison Monarth and Larina Kase debunks the many fallacies associated with coping with the anxiety associated with all forms of speaking in public. They show how many avoidance behaviours and over-compensation activity can compound the anxiety problem and the stress.

Understanding and Preparing to Beat Speaking Anxiety

The first part of The Confident Speaker covers these issues and explores the source and nature of anxiety around speaking even considering informal social interaction.

Part 2 shows how to deal with the anxiety in sensible and practical It provides detailed advice on preparing and giving a presentation Much of the advice applies equally to preparing written documents, especially with regard to understanding the audience and the objectives for the presentation

In Part 3 The Confident Speaker provides a toolkit for the nervous speaker. However it will be useful for confident speakers to review much of the advice It will allow them to raise their game and to use their voice, body language and audience engagement to establish rapport with an audience.

Real World Speaking and Communicating

The final part of The Confident Speaker explore speakin and communication other than the formal set-piece presentation. Many people become tongue-tied and anxious in many other situations and Monarth and Kase provide advice an techniques for dealing with these. In particular they consider:

  • Participating in meetings
  • Interviews
  • Social engagement including parties
  • One to one with one’s boss or other authority figures

The Confident Speaker then moves on from the techniques in part three to describe other aspects of speaking and audience perceptions. It shows ways in which speakers can improve their performance and deal with mistakes, crisis and conflict.

Guidance for Speakers of All Abilities

As well as providing advice for the inexperienced and anxious speaker, The Confident Speaker is a valuable refresher for competent speakers. Many such speakers will find new tips and techniques that they can use to improve their performance. Speakers of all ability will find suggestions as to where they can find opportunities for practice and support in developing their speaking skills. For those that are so inclined The Confident Speaker will also provide guidance on how to develop a career in public speaking.

Everyone who has need to speak in public, whether formal or informal, should have a copy of this book. Even experienced speakers will learn something and it will be a useful reference to refresh and continue the development of their presentation skills.

The Confident Speaker, Beat Your Nerves and Communicate at Your Best in Any Situation(2010, ISBN:978-0-07-148149-6) by Harrison Monarth and Larina Kase is published by McGraw Hill at £13.99.


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