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Someday is Here - What Life do You Want?

Having accepted the old certainties have gone now is time to look forward and chart a new course in life. Many people  spend their life waiting for the "someday" when they can do something more satisfying. For most "someday" never comes.

It will never come if you are passive and just wait for something to happen. Instead you should be more active and work at making change happen. It is especially important to seek something new when one's world is disrupted. The opportunities presented by job loss or lack of career jobs for new graduates should provide the final push to cause one to think differently. It will give purpose at a difficult time.

Dare to Dream

To make "someday" really happen you need to Dare to Dream. How would your life look if you could BE who you want to be and DO what really satisfies your inner self?

Friends and family often get in the way of such blue sky thinking by telling you to be more realistic, you cannot afford it. It makes them face their own dissatisfaction and they worry you will fail or they will lose you. Ignore them, it is your life. Define your dream; you will certainly not succeed if you never try. Risk disappointment and  there is a chance of making your dream happen. At least you will then not need to regret "if only...". Looking back over our lives we regret the things we did not do far more than the things that fail.

It is not about being rich; if that really matters you will already be on that path. As Felix Dennis suggests in How To Get Rich few people really have a deep inner need, for most it is just a nice thought that is soon forgotten. Also many lottery winners have very modest ambitions for the life changes that their win makes possible; many even suggest they will continue working. So money is not a deep need for most people.

What Do You Want to Be?

So what do you want to be if the getting of money is not the objective? What would YOU BE if money was no object?

Difficult isn't it? Especially if one cuts away the emptiness of merely having things or spending money. Most people have suppressed their true self, their passions and rediscovering enthusiasm becomes difficult. Those years of friends, family, teachers and bosses telling us to be realistic make us compliant with the needs of the workplace and social norms. As a result we lose sight of the things that excite us, the passions that make us feel alive and the world a better place.

When we wholeheartedlly follow those enthusiasm we can just BE, nothing else matters. Break out of that old mindset and an alternative, satisfying, approach to life becomes possible. In The Element Ken Robinson shows how finding your passion changes everything and life gets meaning and happiness follows.

Next time we will explore the question "What do You Want Do?" and then move on to show why the question ""What do You Want to Have?" is not really part of Daring to Dream.



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