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Daring to Dream - What Do You Want to Do?

If you followed the previous article, you should have some ideas about what you want to BE in the next stage of your life. So the next question is; what do you want to DO during that phase?

Dare to Dream

As with dreaming about what you want to BE, dreaming about what you want to DO will require you to challenge what you, friends and family considered normal. You will need to think in new ways about how you want to spend your time if it is not to stay in an unsatisfying job, waiting for the mythical "someday" when it will all magically change. If you start by ignoring the usual assumptions about the money needed to do things, then the possibilities are unbounded. So much choice makes finding the dream difficult. 

As before, if getting money is not the objective what will you do with your life? It is difficult when you eliminate the usual objections because options then become limitless. There have always been people who have been able to find ways of affording to do things that most people only dream of doing. Next time we will explore creative financial ways of making things happen. So dream on and find your passion.

For instance, you may wish to sail round the world, spend six-months of the year travelling or writing the next Man-Booker winning novel. Many people have done similar things on very modest incomes by taking frequent mini-retirements or unpaid sabbaticals to follow their passions. These, or very similar things, have all been done by people of the writer's acquaintance who dared to dream, and then got on with living it. Some were big dreams, others simpler and more modest but they were how the person concerned wanted to spend their life, not how other people thought they should live. They lived the life of the New Rich by Being and Doing not by Having.  They live a rich life.

Failure is Not Following the Dream

It is not a failure to follow one's passion and not succeed despite wholehearted commitment; at least you tried. You can never succeed if you do not try; then all that is left are regrets about missed opportunities.  Therefore, the aim must be to dream, create a plan and commit yourself fully to making it work. Passion and enthusiasm are the key to success. If you DO what your passion tells you, you are much more likely to become who and what you to want to BE. Compromise your dream and you are pretty well certain to remain dissatisfied.

With this approach, failure comes in two forms. First by not following your heart and your passion, you will never achieve the dream. The second is by trying to have it both ways and playing safe by retaining one's old life and being half-hearted in the pursuit of the dream. In reality dreams are more about the pursuit than their achievement so you should be resolute, not only daring to dream but also in pursuing it. Then enjoy the journey. whether bumpy or smooth.

Forget Money, Being, Doing, not Having is the Real Dream

In the next instalment, we will explore some of the ways to make these things. It is possible to do many of the things most people only dream of even without large amounts of money. We will introduce some real life examples of people who dared to dream, and then lived it.



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