Coffee and croissant

I was going stir crazy and it was entirely self inflicted. With the poor summer I was spending too much time stuck in the house and I was finding displacement activities that were stopping me getting on with other more productive, and rewarding, activities. Worse still it was dragging down my mood, yet it was all avoidable,

I finally got cross with myself. I was determined to grab the nettle and get back to building a lifestyle that does not separate work and pleasure. I already had a way of working that was largely time and location independent but had not yet taken proper advantage. So angry with myself for drifting, I have to get to grips with working wherever I want to be.

Getting on with Lifestyle Changes

So today I have moved out of my home office to a series of coffices, coffee shops that I can use as an office. As a writer all I need is notebook, laptop and occasional access to the internet; I can fit that around my travels for the other strand of my new career as a photographer. It has been productive so far today, I have written a book review over breakfast at a local branch of my favourite chain of coffee shops. It will encourage me to take the idea on the road so that I can develop The Winding Way and achieve the lifestyle I really want.

As my favourite coffee shop does not have free internet access I set off early to meet my brother and sister for lunch. I had a mid-morning coffee at a bar with free Wi-Fi and finished the research for the book review and uploaded it to the Solidus web site. I then wrote this article and planned two others either side of lunch. So all in all the approach has been much more promising and productive.

The challenge is to internalise this new approach to work; I need to turn it into an effective habit and keep it going. It should not be difficult as I already feel better for clearing some tasks that had been hanging over me for rather longer than they should. My mood is better as I am getting a psychological reward for improved behaviour; I do not think it is an overdose of caffeine!

Excited by the Possibilities

Now this article is uploaded I can get on with another book review and some articles commissioned by a photography web site. A few days of this and I should have my backlog cleared and a weight will have been lifted from my shoulders; I will then be able to get on with the things I want to do for pleasure and to drive my new career forward. Perhaps most important I will be back in track with developing the lifestyle, and income to support it, that I have been targetting. I will be well on the way of aligning work and leisure into a seamless whole; I feel excited about the possibilities again, the first time in weeks.

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