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Felix Dennis made himself seriously rich and he shares his thoughts on wealth and making money. It is more about the philosophy and attitude to making money rather than the detail.

In his best seller How to Get Rich Felix Dennis was discouraging to all but the most committed from trying to get seriously rich. His view was, and still is, that making money requires an almost pathological need to get rich rather than a wish or a vague desire to be wealthy. He suggests that few people really have that drive and others for a variety of reasons should pursue other directions in life.

Provides Guidance and Direction on Wealth Creation

In his new book 88 The Narrow Road Dennis is more supportive of those seeking wealth. However the points about the need for drive, energy and health from How to Get Rich are reiterated. He also repeats his assertion that making money is about effective execution rather than a “big idea”.

The “88” in the title refers to the number of short items that provide tip and guidance on what is required to make money each of which is just a page or two long. 88 The Narrow Road is not a guidebook in the sense that it provides all the steps along the journey, the narrow road, to wealth. It is more about providing guiding principles, attitudes and an understanding of the personal qualities and sacrifices that will be required.

As a poet, Felix Dennis is equipped to adopt such a philosophical approach to the challenge of making money. He is not at all apologetic about wealth creation but he does illustrate some of the less desirable aspects of getting money. He is very much a realist and does not pull his punches.

An Enjoyable and Readable Insight in to Getting Rich

The structure is such that it is a book to dip into. For those readers who already have How to Get Rich much of the content will be familiar as it is openly drawn from the earlier book. There is additional material but there is a lot of content in common between 88 The Narrow Road and How to Get Rich.

However it does not go deep into the specifics, a book such as The New Business Road Test, will be needed for that. It does aim to steer the ill equipped from fruitless pursuit unless they can partner with someone better suited, especially someone young and hungry.

88 The Narrow Road is an easy and entertaining read and the content is not trivial. There is much good advice in it from someone who has become seriously rich, and made most of the mistakes he warns against, along the way. It is an inspiring insight into the getting of money but not a get rich quick book.

88 The Narrow Road, A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money (2010, ISBN: 978-0-09-193549-8) by Felix Dennis is published in hardback by Vermilion at £14.99.


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