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Grammar for English Language Teachers provides wide coverage of English grammar to support teachers in planning lessons and understanding the difficulties students meet. In Grammar for English Teachers Martin Parrott takes a fresh approach and moves away from the verb phrase basis that has become the norm in the teaching of English grammar. Instead he looks at grammar both from the basis of word classes and verb phrases.

An Essential Guide to Teaching and Understanding English Usage

Grammar for English Language Teachers is aimed at prospective and practising teachers whether or not English is their first language. It seeks to encourage and support teachers in their love of English language and in increasing their own understanding.

Structure and Content of Grammar for English Teachers

The book is divided into four main sections with a final part providing research guidance to the teacher on grammatical study and sources of examples of English language usage. The aim is to support lesson planning and content as well as the teacher's development of their own understanding of the changing nature of what is accepted as correct English usage. The four main sections are:

  • Part A, Words. Part A explains that proper comprehension of words cannot be separated from an understanding of their associated grammar.
  • Part B, More About Verbs and Related Forms. Whilst many consider that there has been an excessive emphasis on verb forms in language teaching it is needed but as part of wider coverage as provided in this book.
  • Part C, Sentence Constituents and Word Order. This part moves the study of grammar from words and short phrases to longer constructions and their function in sentences.
  • Part D, Complex Sentences. Complex sentences are a challenge to non-native learners of English and this part seeks to fill a gap left by many other courses in teaching both comprehension and production of the necessary clause forms.

Context, Difficulties and Usage

Grammar for English Teachers acknowledges that English usage is always changing and it seeks to guide the reader in what is required or advisable in examinations and more modern or idiomatic usage that may be acceptable in less formal situations.

As well as the formal description of the grammatical forms Grammar for English Teachers provides examples of usage in context to explain formal and informal usages. The coverage extends into explaining student’s difficulties of comprehension and how pupils with different first languages tend to fall back onto their native grammatical constructions.

The guidance also covers pronunciation and other common issues. It explores punctuation where it creates differences and nuances of meaning. The comprehensive nature of this work is such that few challenges to teaching English are left without support and guidance on how the matter can be taught.

Exercises and Answers

At the end of each chapter there is a consolidation exercise that teachers can use and expand to test their students’ understanding of the prior topic. Answers are provided so teachers can be sure in their assessment and follow up clarification of what is important.

An Invaluable Aid for Teachers of English

Grammar for English Language Teachers should be an essential reference for new teachers of English as it provides invaluable assistance in planning lessons and understanding pupil’s problems with English grammar. Experienced teachers will find it equally useful as a reference and a reminder of where and why students have difficulty.

Grammar for English Language Teachers should also appeal to those lovers of English, native speakers or otherwise, who want to develop their understanding of grammar.

The clarity of presentation in Grammar for English Language Teachers will appeal to all readers.

The second edition of Grammar for English Language Teachers (2010, ISBN:978-0-521-71204-0) by Martin Parrott is published in paperback by Cambridge University Press at £20.55. Teachers will find Grammar for English Language Teachers an essential adjunct to the publisher’s English Grammar in Use which is likely to be in use by their students.



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