How to get rich, cover

Felix Dennis Did and He Explains How to Become Wealthy

Felix Dennis suggests anyone who has a genuine compulsion, not just a vague desire, to get rich can do so. How to Get Rich is not a volume of false promises and glib answers like many get rich quick books. Following the advice will be hard work but for the committed it will be worthwhile.

Making Money – A Real Desire

In How To Get Rich Dennis starts by stressing that to do so requires the drive that comes from a compulsion to be wealthy rather than a mere wish that one had money that passes when the moment changes. It is only with that inner drive that the budding entrepreneur will withstand the challenges and tribulations of building a business, especially in the early days.

Energy, Health and Sacrifice

As a result the entrepreneur needs energy which implies good health. Dennis therefore targets much of the advice at the youthful seeker of fortune. Apart from having the energy and health to work all the hours needed they also have less to lose so the sacrifices are smaller.

Older readers whose life and position are established have more to lose and others reliant on them that prevent them taking the necessary risk. Combined with potentially lower personal energy Dennis encourages such readers to find a more youthful partner.

Luck: WhenOpportunity Meets Preparation

Like the golfer Gary Player (“the more I practiced the luckier I got”) believes that luck is made by hard work. Dennis quotes the Roman philosopher, Seneca who said “Luck is preparation multiplied by opportunity”. The thrust of How to Get Rich is about execution; doing what needs to be done.

It is not about the myth, as Dennis sees it, of the “Big Idea” but doing the right things with a good idea. Many fortunes have been made without that big idea such as by offering a better service, a more competitive price or being a little more exclusive.

Good Advice for Entrepreneurs, and Managers

Much of the advice will be valuable to salaries managers as well as to those starting or running their own business. Like the rest of the book it is an easy read but the content is neither lightweight nor superficial.

Money Buys Time and Place

Felix Dennis makes the point that wealth provides time and place to do the things one wants. In his case it is the time to write poetry in the place of his choosing, a purpose built study in the garden of his Caribbean home. He uses poetry to illustrate many of his points.

How To Get Rich (ISBN: 978-0-0919-1265-9) by Felix Dennis is published in hardback by Ebury Press at £16.99. It is also available in paperback.

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