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A Better Life Starts Here

Losing a job to redundancy or lay-offs is a good time to review career and lifestyle objectives. Once the initial disruption is overcome a positive approach can lead to improved quality of life.

Rarely does redundancy come out of the blue. Most people see the signs and the actual lay-off is relief from an uncomfortable period of uncertainty. The secret is to use it and the immediate post lay-off time positively. Like all big changes it will be an opportunity with the right attitude of mind. Perhaps surpsingly for many I have spoken to it actually comes as a relief, it removes the sense of uncertainty and it may well be the spur they knew they needed to get out of an unsatisfactory job.

"Some Day" has Arrived

Many, perhaps most, people who have been in a job or career for while would like to do something different "some day" - when they win the lottery, the children leave home or they retire. The day a job ends should be that "some day". Other people are just unhappy and feel trapped; so the day they are laid off is the day freedom starts.

As soon as the possibility of redundancy is sensed the wise person will start to deal with the challenge. They will do everything they can to reduce expenditure to mitigate the loss of salary and to buy time.

Having made essential adjustment the really positive attitude is to view the change as a huge opportunity to change one's life. It is a chance to do things that were being put off until the mythical "some day"; a day that never happens for most people. It is all about taking control of one's life and happiness.  So along with all the necessary practical changes the newly or imminently free person will dare to dream about how they want to spend the next phases of their lives. That is a big step forward into Positivity.

Changing Face of Work, Careers and Expectations of Life

Most people lock their thinking into the traditional school, college, work, retire and then die model of earlier generations. For those yet to retire that may be over but there are other, better, ways. If one gets off the treadmill of acquiring stuff and thinks laterally about quality of life and life experiences then many new opportunities open up.

In the sub-title toThe 4- Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss suggested readers Join the New Rich . Ferriss shows how to enjoy a rich lifestyle rather than chasing the often purposeless objective of being rich. Similarly in Retire Retirement, Tamara Erickson also outlined new approaches to working lives. Her book reflects changed economic circumstances and different attitudes of the generations now coming in to the workforce. Positivity Pages will develop and live these and other ideas.

 We will look at positive ways recent graduates could adopt to cope with the difficulties in the traditional, possibly declining, career market. Then it will be time to Dare to Dream.

There are exciting new ways of living and working which, for those prepared to make the leap, will provide a richer life experience and greater happiness.


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