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Holidays, Winter, Christmas and Birthdays is a Time for Giving or Reading Books

Winter, particularly,  provides time for the enthusiast to stay in and catch up with their reading. Christmas is an opportunity to indulge oneself, or be indulged, with a good book.

The aim in choosing titles for this review was to find books that would last beyond the holidays. They need to have substantial content and also be well illustrated so that readers will return to them on a regular basis. It is suggested that these four books fit that criteria.

The first two should appeal to lovers of American V8 muscle although they feature cars of very different character.

Dodge Dynamite! – Fifty Years of Dodge Muscle Cars

Dodge Dynamite, 50 Years of Muscle CarsThis is a quality soft backed book and is comprehensively illustrated with photographs, cut away drawings and period marketing literature. The coverage of the cars and competition history is detailed and addresses misconceptions about the Dodge D-500 being an option not a model series – important, as it is the reference date for the 50 years of the title. The author, Peter Grist, makes a clear case for the D-500 being the first of a line of muscle cars.

In places the layout makes this book a little uncomfortable to read. This is a pity as it is good story. More accurately two stories; it covers both the pioneering Dodge performance cars and the Petty racing dynasty association with the marque since Lee Petty in the 1950s..

Dodge Dynamite! (ISBN:978-1-84584-112-6) is priced at £16.99 ($29.99 USA).

Ford GT – Then, and Now

Ford GTThis book - Ford GT by Adrian Streather covers three linked stories:

  • The 1960s Ford GTs (often known as GT40) used to win Le Mans in 1966/7/8/9 and their road-going counterparts.
  • The competition history is covered for each racing chassis. The development of the Ford GT supercar of 2005
  • The continuation models and replicas, some official, built since the Ford stopped making the GT. The number and quality of these replicas reflect the enthusiasm for the Ford GT.

A definitive history of the iconic GT racers that Henry Ford used to make a point after he was rebuffed in his attempt to buy Ferrari. It is a large format quality hardback that will appeal to enthusiasts of modern supercars, classic car buffs, motor-racing fans.

Ford GT (ISBN:978-1-84584-054-9) is priced at £40 ($74.95 USA)

For many enthusiasts using their classic cars is as important as owning it. The following two books are about enjoying historic cars, albeit at rather different extremes.

Peking to Paris – The Ultimate Driving Adventure

Peking to Paris, Phillip YoungWritten by Philip Young this book opens by telling the story of the original 1907challenge and the five competitors. After brief coverage of the 1997 event Peking to Paris moves on to a day by day diary of the centenary event in 2007.

Despite the age of the vehicles and lack of preparedness of many of the competitors 105 of the 128 starters reached the finish 40 days later. Even a 1907 Itala similar to the 1907 winner reached the finish.

Printed on high quality paper and highly illustrated it is an inspiring book. What more could one want, a travel and adventure story with beautiful classic cars in dramatic action set against magnificent wild landscapes. This is a book for everybody.

Peking to Paris ( ISBN:978-1-845841-20-1) is priced £29.99 ($59.95 USA).

All the above titles are published by Veloce Publishing.

Leather Bound Luxury Editions

Veloce books are also available in gilt-embossed leather bound editions at £350 with six-week delivery. These collectors’ editions have traditional marbled end-papers and gilt edged pages.

Goodwood Revival – First Ten Years

This substantial book’s title does not do the breadth of its coverage justice. It starts with a comprehensive history of the Goodwood racing circuit and its place in post-war British motor racing history. It then covers the developments that led to the Goodwood Revival meeting which is now a major part of both the motor sport and social calendar.

The main body of the text covers each year of the Revival meeting interspersed with reminisces of earlier times from drivers and others who knew the circuit in its heyday. It is lavishly illustrated to make full use of the large format. The appendix has results tables for all events over ten years.

Goodwood Revival (ISBN: 978-1-8589-4449-4) is published by Merrell at £39.95 ($70 USA) and is written by Doug Nye.


These books are well written, well illustrated and with detailed coverage. The Goodwood Revival book will evoke the spirit of summer and the companionship of classic car events. Peking to Paris will inspire any motoring enthusiast with an adventurous spirit. If these do not meet the need there are gift books ideas here and further gift ideas here.

What better way of spending winter evenings than with one of these books and a glass of something warming?



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