Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom

Cheryl Probst has produced a useful directory of motorcycle collections in Britain and it is available as both e-book (PDF) and print on demand editions.

An Enthusiast’s Guide to Motorcycle Collections

In these days all directories, such as Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom suffer from the challenge of Google and other on-line information sources. Most of the information is available free, at least they do not require cash outlay. However, they do require time to search and to collate the information into a manageable itinerary.

Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom works well on a Kindle. The print copy is a slim perfect-bound volume (5 x 7.3 inch) of 88 pages that should fit easily in a traveller’s bag or jacket pocket.

Comprehensive Directory – No More Searching

Cheryl Probst has pulled the information together into an e-book or a compact booklet with some additional colour from her own enthusiasm and experience. The information is concise and to the point. It includes key information such as opening times and direction to find the museum, important as many are in out of the way places.

The main collections are featured at some length with Cheryl Probst descriptions of key exhibits illustrated with photographs by the author and her husband, Jon Teal, another motorcycle enthusiast. Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom also includes brief background to many of the museum localities.

Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom appears to be reasonably complete as it picks up many obscure collections that often only local enthusiasts know about. However, it does miss one local to the reviewer, Wollaton Industrial Museum but it is only open one day or month when many of the industrial engines are in steam. However, last time the reviewer visited it had several important examples of Brough Superior motorcycles as well as early examples from Raleigh.

The beauty of e-book and print on demand books is that they can be updated easily and the reader can expect future editions to reflect newly discovered collections. As Cheryl Probst is clearly an enthusiast, I expect she will include in future editions any overlooked collections, changed or additional information that she hears about from readers.

Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom provides an invaluable starting point for any motorcycle enthusiast planning a tour of motorcycle collections in the United Kingdom. For classic motorcycle fans in the UK it will provide a guide for planning days out or weekend trips away.

Motorcycle Museums of the United Kingdom, an Enthusiast’s Guide to British Bikes (2010) written and published by Cheryl Probst is available as a PDF e-book or a print-on-demand book from GuideGecko, Travel Guides by Travel Gurus at £8.06 as a PDF download or in print at £11.43


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