Bright new start, blue skies. PG270003

Now is the time to welcome readers back. The relaunch of M-dash Miscellany Magazine is long overdue but it has finally happened . We have wanted to refresh it for a long time but we did not have the capacity and other sites needed attention first.

The first step has been to redevelop it using a more modern content management system that will provide a long term future. It may look much the same at the moment as the changes are largely under the skin but they allow us to refine and take the look and feel in new directions as resource allow. The first real benefit is that the site should work on most devices from smartphones to desktop computers with large screens. That was just not possible with the old platform.

At the moment the only obvious change to the content is that we will be adding some fiction in the form of short stories, and possibly serialising longer fiction. Short stories are an underappreciated form which is has fallen out of favour in the print media. In our modern time-poor lives they should be more popular. It is strange then that novels are getting longer these days; indeed we may even serialise the occasional full length piece. We hope to help support a resurgence of quality short fiction, and perhaps the novella,that can be read during a coffee break, or as an alternative to chapters of longer novels as bedtime reading.

So enjoy, if you can, The Curse of the Galleon!

For much the same reason we will also be posting essays, thoughtful pieces on a wide range of topics. An artform that has been neglected but many famous writers have contributed to the genre.

Sadly, along the way we have lost the few comments that readers had made on articles. However, we hope the new features will encourage more reader participation and help build a community around our brand of miscellany. If the readership grows as we hope we may enable forums to the site, a core capability our new technology provides. It is up to you, dear readers, as they used to say, whether we switch it on.

We have many ideas for new articles, book reviews and other matter. M-dash Miscellany Magazine will remain as eclectic as ever, if not more so, as we add essays on anything that piques our interest.

As part of our relaunch at Halloween we start with a new ghost story set in Nottingham's famous Olde Trip to Jerusalem public house in the shadow the Castle. I hope readers enjoy it. It will be the first of frequent new articles and stories; it should be worth coming back to M-dash Miscellany Magazine on a regular basis. In the meantime do let us knowv what you think.


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