Small pleasures, apple blossom

Take Pleasure in Small Things, Simply Enjoy Life Today.

It is very easy to worry about what might happen. But think what it really means for most of us.

Stop Worrying, the Good Times are Now

What happens if we lose a loved one? We would long for the time before; even for their annoying behaviours.

That time is now, make the most of it. Enjoy their company and even their irritating little habits or at least accept them with equanimity.

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures, and Irritations, of Everyday Life

If we suffer serious injury or ill-health we would wish for being able to do the simple things we now take for granted. If we broke both our legs we would long for the time we could wear our favourite skirt, trousers, or shoes. We would wish to be able to scratch our shins or curl up in a chair. We would wish we could climb the stairs and sleep in our own bed again.

That time is now so enjoy the simple things in life.

Do Not Fear What Might Be. Enjoy the Present

If we were at war we would wish to be without fear and do all the normal things without threats or fear.

For most of us across the world that time is now.We are not at war and the everyday threats to our safety are small. So we should go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun, or the fresh smell of the rain; listen to the birds and be grateful for small pleasures.

Happiness is Infectious and Compassionate

There are those who have lost loved ones, are seriously ill or suffering hardships due to war and the like. We should remember that; be grateful that it is not us and use that gratitude positively. The warmth and compassion of happy people is infectious and can help lift the mood of those experiencing difficulties. Pleasure in the small things puts the minor difficulties of life in proper perspective and provides the energy to help others to find some comfort.

So Why Are We Worrying? A Proper Perspective on Life’s Challenges

The U S Declaration of Independence with its “inalienable Rights” sums up what is really important as: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Most of us have those rights but many of us could use them more effectively with minor changes to our own attitudes to the tribulations and everyday pleasures life. We need to put things in proper perspective.


For the ideas in this article I am grateful to my sister, and good friend, Liz.



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