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A Mathematician Plays the Market, cover A Mathematician Plays the Market

Even a mathematician can be grabbed by the psychology of gambling and make losses on stock markets despite maths telling him that prices are unpredictable. He figured the odds and they still beat him.

Rosetta Stone language course Back to Second Language Study

Many who learned a language at school later find a need or desire to use it when travelling. Rosetta Stone can help returning students polish their skills.

Play to Kill, cover Play to Kill by P J Tracy,

Detectives and computer experts join forces in desperate hunt for person or persons committing serial murders and posting video on social networking sites.

The Missing, cover The Missing, Strong Debut Novel by Jane Casey

Jane Casey's debut novel, The Missing, is an intriguing mix of murder mystery and psychological thriller that explores the nature of personal strength and victimhood.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 2 - cover Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume Two

The first volume of this classic cookery reference was extensive but not complete. The second book is a valuable addition as it covers many important missing elements.

The Element, cover The Element, Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

The Element provides reasons why many young people under achieve and disengage from education. Using real life examples it suggests an alternative educational approach that works with an individual's passions.

At Large and At Small, cover At Large and At Small: Essays by Anne Fadiman

Anne Fadiman clearly loves language and expresses that love in this collection of essays - a neglected literary form even as it meets the need of today's time poor reader.

Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design, cover Racing & Sports Car Chassis Design; Build a Car

Although nearly fifty years old this book should be on the bookshelf of all sports and racing car fans. Car technology may change but basic suspension principles do not.

The Long Way Round, cover Long Way Round, Two Men on Bikes, A Challenge

This is not a typical celebrity spin-off but a story of two mates on a personal motorcycle adventure of a lifetime. They just happen to be well known actors. Many readers will have seen the television series and may be concerned that this book was less of an adventure and more a series of photo-opportunities. Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman were determined that it was their personal trip first and filming came second.

Quite Ugly One Morning, cover Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre

Christopher Brookmyre's first novel is an excellent start combining wit, humour with very dark images of murder and man's lust for power and wealth at any cost.

Joint Force Harrier, cover Joint Force Harrier, Air Power in Afghanistan

Joint Force Harrier is written in traditionally understated British manner which raises the sense of excitement and tension that would be lost with a more gung-ho style. After the well-regarded Sea Harrier was retired 800 Naval Air Squadron took on the Harrier GR7 and became part of Joint Force Harrier – a force combining Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm squadrons.

Corsair, book cover Corsair – Piracy, Terrorism, Political Intrigue

Combining maritime and naval history with ancient and modern politics has enabled Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul to produce a good read to while away a long journey.

Notwithstanding , book cover Notwithstanding, Nostalgic Tales of Rural Idyll

The author Louis de Bernières grew up in a Surrey village and the short stories in Notwithstanding reflect memories of rural idyllic childhood and English eccentricity.

America, Empire of Liberty - book cover America, Empire of Liberty, History of USA

America is a nation with a particular view of democracy and freedom. This book seeks to explain how that view has been formed through its history of conflicting beliefs. America, Empire of Liberty covers the history of America from before the arrival of European colonists up the election of Barack Obama in November 2008 which was a noteworthy event in the context of this book’s analysis.

English Grammar in Use, book cover English Grammar in Use, Intermediate Reference

English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy may be the definitive textbook for intermediate students of English and Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone for Self Study of a New Language

Rosetta Stone is a quick and painless introduction to learning an additional language. Courses are designed to immerse students in the language so they learn naturally.

Narrow Marsh, book cover Narrow Marsh, Historical Novel Set in Nottingham

Love and hope is challenged by social division and turmoil as the Industrial Revolution causes poverty and revolt amongst Nottingham's working classes.

Taking the Medicine, book cover Taking the Medicine, History of Drugs and Trust

In Taking the Medicine/em> Burch argues many medical treatments, old and new, have no evidence they work. Good intentions are undermined when bad science meets blind faith.

Bleading Heart Square, book cover Bleeding Heart Square, a Novel by Andrew Taylor

A society wife leaves her husband and moves to seedy lodgings where coincidences draw her into the mystery of a middle-aged spinster's disappearance four years earlier.

Can We Have Our Balls Back, Please? - book cover Can We Have Our Balls Back? History of Sports

A history of popular sports and games Can We Have Our Balls Back, Please? is an entertaining and surprising journey from local folk games to modern world wide sport.


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