Exercise does not have to be intense

Mood Swings and Taking Advice on Gentle Exercise

Over the last few days I have been taking my own advice of making sure I get out of the house for frequent gentle exercise in the form of a brisk walk and social contact. It has been a busy few days where my mood had been mainly good but with some disconcertingly sharp and uncomfortable mood swings.

Need to Watch What I Eat?

Lunch with my sister exploring how I might develop this web site and related ideas for income generation using my writing went well. It was suggested that my previous evening low mood and irritability might have been due to eating high glycemic index food (carbohydrates etc). At the time it did not seem to stand up but then I remembered having a bowl of cereal about an hour before the mood change – mmm, might need to watch that and I will do some research

In any case I have been reducing my carbohydrate intake. I have not lost the weight I put on at Christmas so I am reverting to the eating habits I adopted after reading Gary Taube’s book, The Diet Delusion. That approach to weight loss had worked effectively in steadily losing the weight as I wanted so it is back to the approach to food I adopted last summer. I only need to lose a few pounds, ten or so, to get to where I want. That can only help my self-esteem.

Changing Work and Income Replacement

I also met up with a former colleague, another independent consultant, who is also finding the current market for work difficult. There are several off us who have been having involuntarily. extended breaks between assignments. We recognise that the market has changed and we will not be able to do what we did before. So we need to approach our marketing differently with a significantly revised set of products and services.

That said we both recognised that we were looking for something different as a transition into “retirement”. Neither of us will give up working but both want to work differently – hence in my case I am trying to do more writing. Problem is that so far it is not generating enough income so I need to work harder and smarter on that.

Professor Alex Nemerov on Howard Nemerov, poet and Diane Arbus, Photographer

I Diane Arbus at Nottingham Contemporaryalso got out to a lecture at Nottingham Contemporary given by the art historian Professor Alex Nemerov from Yale. His father was the American Poet Laureate whose sister was Diane Arbus, the renowned photographer. His lecture was fascinating, intellectually stimulating and very personal. Professor Nemerov explained how Arbus was almost a secret in his home when growing up even though she and his father were close. His father did not regard photography as an artistic endeavour. He then showed how Howard Nemerov had used his poetry and his admiration for other artists as a basis for commentary on Arbus’s work by proxy. Indeed in his poetry and writing he recognised that she had probably overtaken him in artistic standing. I have felt that Diane Arbus was overrated as a photographer – a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. However I will pay the exhibition another visit and try and look at it with new insights.

Yet More Social Interaction

When I finish this piece I will be having lunch with some car and motor-sport enthusiast friends which will provide another pleasant diversion.  We also have friends coming round for a bite of supper on Saturday and to do some planning on our joint 60th birthday party.

I am hoping the nature short mood swings and the occasional disconnected dark thoughts are signs that I might be coming out of the depression. The black thoughts are now much less coherent and the low moods are only for short periods. The periods of lethargy also seem to be reducing but I still lack energy.

So, all in all, it has been a pretty good week.


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