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General Cemetery - OJ260027 Not quite in plain sight. A Watson mini-mystery

A small time crook goes missing and Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Watson suspects foul play, but where is the body? She enlists the help of her brother Bill in an another Watson mini-mystery.

A Stab in the Dark, software manuals and knife A Stab in the Dark

A Watson Mini-mystery

Bill Watson had arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and had no sooner sat down when he saw his sister taking off her coat at the door. He got up as she came over and gave her a kiss on both cheeks: “This is well overdue, ...

Watson mini-mystery notes Fiction, a new venture

Today sees publication of the first of a new fiction series that we are calling Watson mini-mysteries.

Trail of Blood – Shanghai Moon, a Murder Mystery

A richly detailed murder mystery, Trail of Blood, spans three generations across three continents before the search for the Shanghai Moon reaches New York's Chinatown.Trail of Blood is another volume in the Bill Smith and Lydia Chin series of crime novels.

Quite Ugly One Morning, cover Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre

Christopher Brookmyre's first novel is an excellent start combining wit, humour with very dark images of murder and man's lust for power and wealth at any cost.

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