Watson mini-mystery notes

Today sees publication of the first of a new fiction series that I am calling Watson mini-mysteries. The idea is that they will be an ideal length to enjoy over a morning coffee, afternoon tea or perhaps something a little stronger in the evening. They will even be a suitable length for bedtime reading, even if the subject may not be.


The first one A Stab in the Dark will appear this Friday, 24 November 2016, just in time for the weekend. Initially they will be occasional but the hope is that I will be able to make them a regular feature, perhaps monthly.


I have only recently started to write fiction (The Swim and Curse of the Galleon) and I am enjoying the short story format. It is a useful form for trying out ideas and developing one's skills. The novel is too large to lend itself to experimenting with techniques and ideas; I have several unfinished novels that rather prove the point! I do have one that I am revising for which I will aim to find a publisher in 2017. If that proves impossible I will publish it myself or at least serialise it here.


As this recent move into fiction is a totally new direction for me after years of formal business writing and several non-fiction books. I will be very interested in readers' views on my attempts at story telling so please feel free to comment.


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