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Get out for a contintental breakfast or coffee Social Interaction and Exercise

Part of depression is the tendency to become very introspective and to shun social contact. This feeds the vicious circle that drives mood lower; breaking out of that cycle is essential for relief from depression.

Curiosity is a valuable tool - X1153 Depression, Exercise in Problem Solving

I have a huge thirst for knowledge and there is little that does not interest me. On good days, like today, I can see my depression as an opportunity to use many of my talents.

Stormy skies and beauty coexist Mood Management Requires Constant Vigilance

A weekend that was essentially productive demonstrates the narrow divide between being OK and in a dark place. I experienced both this last weekend. Over the weekend I achieved quite a bit. I got a book review written and published on Suite101 and another sketched out for my own Solidus site. Alison and I got several jobs done in the garden and I caught up on some administration that I had been avoiding. So all in all a useful weekend and much of the time I deservedly felt pretty good and relaxed. But...

Recognising depression is not always easy - JI09AA Acknowledging the Problem of Depression

The first step in dealing with any type of problem is recognising that there is a problem at all and then identifying the nature of that problem. I now realise I have been depressed to some extent for several years; possibly since my mother died and when, for some reason, I did not go through the usual grieving process. With hindsight I do recognise much earlier bouts of what I now understand as depression or, at least, dysthymia.

Small pleasures, apple blossom The Pleasure of Small Things

Take pleasure in small things, simply enjoy life today. It is very easy to worry about what might happen. But think what it really means for most of us.

The Confident Creative, cover The Confident Creative, a Drawing Course to Free Hand and Mind

Cat Bennett sets out a novel way of learning to draw. She goes further into art as personal development, self expression, release, relaxation and source of self-confidence.

Getting Unstuck, cover Getting Unstuck, Make a New Start

This book by Timothy Butler is a guide to using crises of confidence as a starting point for making fundamental improvements to one’s life or career. He argues that feeling stuck and doubting oneself is an important opportunity to put life on a new track.

How to get rich, cover How to Get Rich, Learn to Make Money

Felix Dennis suggests anyone who has a genuine compulsion, not just a vague desire, to get rich can do so. How to Get Rich is not a volume of false promises and glib answers like many get rich quick books. Following the advice will be hard work but for the committed it will be worthwhile.

Cash and credit cards - HG15001 How to Avoid Debt Problems, Match Loan Period to Purchase Life

Cash and Credit CardsLoan Period Wisdom for Reduced Debts

Problem debt is often caused by not matching the length of the loan with the life of the purchase. If loan lasts longer than the benefit then a replacement has to be bought and adds a new layer of debt.

Loan Periods – Some Simple Questions

A fewer simple questions will guide the borrower to a suitable loan length.

  • How long will the benefit last or will the borrower enjoy the purchase?
  • What is the life of the asset?
  • How much value will the purchase retain over potential loan periods? Will it take the purchaser into negative equity?


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